Definition (insert pronunciation/nerdy things here):

1. The state of always having a soft spot in your heart for emotional/indie music, no matter what your current genre interests are. (i.e. listening to metal but still loving bands like The Get Up Kids or Dashboard Confessional).

2. A kickass website that has interviews, reviews, photos, and more about your favorite artists and ones you will learn to love!

In the Summer of 2012 Envy and Josh, two grown-up kids that share a passion for music (and each other), started Emo At Heart as a place to help promote bands that they supported and document the events they attended via reviews and photos. Soon after they began to take a more journalistic approach including interviews, videos and news.  Word about EAH caught notice and suddenly a plethora of bands, publicists and management teams had begun adding EAH to their databases and sending offers for features, interviews and first-listens of upcoming new releases. By Winter 2012, they found themselves overwhelmed by the backlog of requests that had come in and decided to bring in some extra hands. The EAH team is now spread throughout the US and includes members in Canada and the UK, with hopes to expand into other Countries to dig further into the various local music scenes. One thing that EAH prides itself on is being open to all levels, styles and genres on music and doing honest reviews, as well as offering constructive criticism when something doesn’t grasp interest as opposed to talking crap or using insults to make a point.

“We want every artist to have someone to go to for promotion and coverage without having to worry about if they have enough plays and followers, or if their style is the current trend. We believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard.” – Envy

One feature that EAH is most proud of is called #TOURLIFE, where they go behind the scenes and live a day in the life of an artist/band. While its concept formed from spending a few days with The Drama State, personal friends of EAH, it has since expanded to artists unfamiliar with EAH. One of the most memorable features being on upcoming pop artist Spencer Sutherland, where EAH spent the day with him during a tour stop at Six Flags in NJ. While there are not many write-ups in the #TOURLIFE category at this time, EAH plans on adding many more of these in-depth features.

In early 2015, EAH underwent a makeover to better serve their needs as well as become more optimized for today’s society of mobile phones and tablets. Upon doing so, some of the team stepped down from their roles within the site due to hectic schedules in their personal lives but were given an open invitation to return whenever they felt they had the time to commit once again. This opened the door for some new members to join the team and remains open for when others seem to be the right fit with the same passion as its creators. There are also other features that the EAH team are working on, including a digital/downloadable mixtape and expanding their content coverage to other forms of media such as books and video games. One thing is for sure, EAH will continue to grow and hopes to help promote many, many more artists.