Citadel To Release Self-Titled EP on May 7th


Philadelphia-based Citadel, the project of multi-instrumentalist, producer and founder of FeedbackLoop, Justin Chapman, is set to release a self-titled EP on May 7th. The EP will blend live instruments, homemade synthesizers and electronic elements into a dark and heavy bled of indie-infused pop, featuring other Philadelphia artists such as Lucy Stone, Will Lindsay and Geoff Vanover.

Chapman says, “To me this EP (and the project as a whole) is an excuse to get together with the artists I work with as a producer, and take them out of context to write something that neither of us would have written on our own. There’s something to be said for liberating yourself of fan/artist/label expectations and just doing whatever you want. I think it helps keep us on our toes, and keeps our ears fresh. These first four songs also represent a pretty wild and transitional time in my life”.

We’re intrigued and can’t wait to hear what he has created! For a little taste, check out the EP teaser he posted on YouTube here:

Emo At Heart