Know Hope Records Release Solidarity In Sound: A Compilation To Benefit The ACLU


Philadelphia-based record label Know Hope Records announced the release of a new benefit album late last week, Solidarity in Sound: A Compilation to Benefit the ACLU. The label is offering the new album on their Bandcamp page and while you can as much or as little for as you wish, they will be donating all of the proceeds directly to the ACLU.

The talent on Know Hope’s roster goes very deep and you can check out the track listing, as well as a statement from the label, below.

Many bands, artists, labels, etc. have stood up and fought for the inclusiveness, acceptance, and social responsibility that our community stands for by donating the proceeds of their music, merch, and shows to amazing organizations who fight on behalf of the people that are being affected during these trying times. Know Hope Records is proud to join that fight. – Know Hope Records

Track Listing:
Mosey – “So They Say”
Promise of Redemption – “Faster”
selfhelpme – “Call Me On My Way”
The Phoenix Within – “L.U.C.A.”
O S O – “Black & Blue”
Triangle Shirt Factory – “Thaw Me Out”
Chris Newhard – “Start Again”
Brett Newski – “Lilly”
Candy Hearts – “I Want To Hate You”
The End of America – “New Drugs”
Saver – “Colder”
Filmspeed – “Voices”
Pete Hill Band – “Lay Low”
Foeverinmotion – “Flesh, Blood, Bone”
Commonwealth Choir – “Dark Times”
James A.M. Downes – “Prison Font”
Fundamentals – “Pennies”
The GoAround – “Open”
Chris Schulz & The Barren Pines – “Breathe”
Boomtown Crooks – “Fubar”
Shane Henderson & The Future Perfect – “Control”
Mark Rose – “Love Means Everything”


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