Parlour Tricks Stream New, Final, EP


Indie Pop New Yorkers Parlour Tricks have been no stranger to the digital pages of Emo At Heart over the years (here, here, and here). From granting us a sneak peak into the before and after comings and goings of SXSW a few years ago, to chatting with us about the change in the band’s official name, front-woman extraordinaire Lily Cato has been very generous with her time. And now, on the occasion of the band’s final EP, we are very excited to share new Parlour Tricks music – even if it’s the last time.

It’s pretty impossible to characterize the experience of being in this band. The fortunate feeling. What it meant to be doing something awesome and difficult with people you love. We never fought. We un-ironically told each other how much we loved each other. How un-rock n’ roll, right. How totally opposite from what I’d ever heard being in a band was going to be like. We ended up setting the bar for future musical (and otherwise) relationships unreasonably high… I want to tell you about those nights in the studio, in Nashville and in New York, when everything gelled beautifully, when we felt the enormity of making something good. I want to explain these things, but even then it wouldn’t paint a full picture. You had to be there. We were lucky enough to be there. – Lily Cato

You can check out the full stream of the new EP, (what i think about when i think about) BODIES, below. Farewell, Parlour Tricks. xoxo

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