The Rocket Summer Announces Name & Release Date For Upcoming Album


When news broke a few months ago that The Rocket Summer (Bryce Avary) would be releasing a new album in 2016, we got pretty excited around here — like, a lot. After that, more and more started to come out: an album pre-order here, a West Coast tour there. And now, right on the heels of the official video launch for “Same Air” — featuring Hannah Simone of New Girl no less — we have the album’s official title and release date.

The Rocket Summer’s sixth studio album, Zoetic, will be released on February 26th via Aviate Records (Avary’s own label).

When we first heard music from the new album, we couldn’t help but notice the new direction for this album’s sound, but it has no less than 100% of the heart and soul The Rocket Summer’s earlier releases. Speaking about the new album, Avary has this to say:

I basically fell in love with music all over again, like I had when I was first learning to play. My only mission was to be as creative as possible, and to push myself further than ever.

Check out the new video for “Same Air” below, and stay tuned to Emo At Heart for coverage of The Rocket Summer throughout early 2016.

(Photo Credit: Braverijah Gregg)

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