Brian Waymire, founder of RedGorilla Music Fest

The RedGorilla Music Fest, originally launched in 2001 as the DreamScapers Artist Showcase, has existed in its current form since 2007, and is kicking off in Austin, TX this week.

The 2015 edition will once again be a “No Badge Required” event; free to attend and open to the general public.

Brian Waymire, founder of RedGorilla Music Fest, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Read on to see what he had to say about who’s set to breakout this year, how they’ll be expanding in the future, and more.


What acts from past years have been most surprising – whether in terms of their energy, raw talent, etc?

Cage The Elephant was a great surprise. I knew the band was good, but seeing them live for the first time was incredible. They commanded the stage. Mieka Pauley played in a small room that we had in the early years and performed “Hallelujah” with Jeff Buckley’s mom sitting right in front of the stage. It was an emotional experience for everyone in the room. Andrew WK was so incredibly talented and the crowd loved that show. I’ll never forget the energy in the room that day.

Are you hosting any acts that you think are primed for a breakout year in 2015?
Yes. We have quite a few that I feel will be breakout artists this year. If I had to name a few: Noah Guthrie, American Scarecrows, On The Avenue, The Trims, Clockwork, Ayron Jones, Five Knives… There are too many to name them all.

What is your relationship with the SXSW promoters? Is there any conflict in what they do with what you’ve been doing for the past several years?
We have no relationship. I think at the root of it, we are BOTH in this to promote good live music. Isn’t that the most important thing? We never started this event to compete with them and we don’t want to be in any conflict. We respect what they do and admire them for what they’ve been able to accomplish over the years. We encourage our indie artists to buy badges and attend their educational panels and other events.

Are there plans to expand next year/in future years?
We have already begun planting seeds in other cities. We’ve promoted smaller 1-3 day events that have been very successful in about a dozen markets, including internationally. You will see the next large scale RedGorilla Music Fest within the next year.

Thanks Brian!

For the full schedule of RedGorilla Music Fest events and the entire lineup of artists, be sure to check out

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