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Nashville-based alt rock band Clay Cages are preparing to release a new EP this fall, The Lenses We See Life Through — a follow-up to last year’s debut, Tension. We caught up with the band after opening up for The Early November and Better Off earlier this week. Read on to see what they had to say about the heavy praise that came from their debut release, their musical style, and of course that show earlier this week.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out “Rust” off their upcoming EP.

Were you nervous at all about settling the band in Nashville (they don’t call it the home of country music for nothing) when Clay Cages was starting out?
Honestly, we all relocated to the Nashville area before Clay Cages even started. We love being in Nashville. It definitely has a respectable underground scene that we’re more than happy to be apart of, but it’s definitely a challenge to get people to pay attention to your band in this portion of the country, given our genre. We’re trying to tour soon so we can start spreading the word.

Your debut album received some pretty rave reviews – did that put any added pressure on you when it came to write and record the new EP?
Not so much. Tension was great for us for our first release, but as we started writing this new record, we realized how much more we wanted to incorporate into these songs instrumentally, lyrically, emotionally and conceptually. So this new EP is definitely a step up, and for us personally, a step in the right direction. I will say the recording process was a bit rushed, but we’re totally happy with our end result. 

claycagesClay Cages (Photo credit: Nolan Knight)

You have a unique musical style, while paying homage to a lot of different influences – do you have a specific theme in mind when you’re working on a song?
Not at all. I feel like that’s part of the reason why we do have a somewhat unique sound. We all take influence from different bands/artists. When we get together to write, we just write. Whatever comes out is what it is. So we really don’t force anything. Clay Cages is literally five dudes writing exactly what we want to be writing. And that’s not supposed to sound pretentious haha.

Speaking of individual songs, your new single “Rust” is melodic and moody, then taking a turn towards the heavy at the end – can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind that song?
Again, it literally just happened. It seems unintelligible. “Rust” was one of the first songs that we wrote when we started writing for the new record and we almost immediately felt like that was the most solid song we’d written to date which was pretty relieving. I think “Rust” is cool because it definitely has that catchy, driving vibe which is something I don’t think we really touched on up to this point. Conceptually, this song is about reflection and how, no matter where your life takes you, comfort can always be found in the place you once called home.

And finally, how was your show opening for The Early November and Better Off? What were some of the highlights?
It was an awesome show. Lots of people showed up and I’d like to think we played a pretty solid set. I loved seeing Better Off play some of their new stuff. Really excited for their new record. I think it’s been over a year since we played with them before, so it was awesome to share the stage with some Nashville boyz again. 

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