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One thing we want to try to do here at Emo At Heart is to bridge that gap between music and sports by showing how important music can be to athletes. That being said, we recently reached out to hockey player Dan Milan (currently from the Wichita Thunder). Check out what he had to say about his career, hobbies, and his love for music:


First things first; a lot of our readers may not be familiar with you, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m just a hockey player that was a late bloomer that had a tough road on and off the ice, but I use my story to try and inspire others. I’m weird as hell, super nerdy, but I’m all about working hard and trying to achieve your goals while at the same time doing it all while being myself.

How did you get your start in hockey? Was it love at first skate or does it run in your family?
Doesn’t run in the family, Dad was a football player but always loved hockey growing up so he slowly got me into it around 7 years old but I think I fell in love with noticeably getting better and better as I got older so I stuck with it and here I am today.

Your brother Cody Milan also plays hockey, is there an ongoing contest between the two of you about who can be the best or is it more of a support system encouraging each other?
Support system as well as helping push each other. We were always in the driveway stick handling on each other, always taking each other one on one when we’d skate together especially because he’s a forward and I’m a defenseman. So it’s a little of both!

What are some of the toughest things about how hard you train?
Sometimes not having the most energy but you know you have to do it and still do better than you did the week before, but honestly I love training I can put any anger I have into whatever I’m doing and just get wild (I love to slap myself in the face).

You tend to post videos motivating other athletes to push as hard as you do, what inspires you to want to help others achieve their goals?
I just know how hard it is to achieve your goals and political it can be sometimes, things aren’t always going to go well but you have to keep pushing. You gotta be a warrior or else your dreams won’t ever come true. I’ve had to literally work for everything I got so far and I still feel like I deserve so much more, I just wanna motivate people in similar situation.

500When you’re not training or playing hockey you seem to find the time to dabble in the modeling world. Did you always have interest in posing in front of the camera or did you just kinda fall into it and fall in love with it?
I’ve always loved being in the spotlight. I love modeling and I love fashion. I used to have really bad acne and was really skinny. Girls didn’t give me the time of day so I love flexin on em and sayin “hey you didn’t want me then, now look at me, but you won’t get me now :)))” I just enjoy it and like to have fun.

Some people have a hard time understanding that you aren’t required to live and breathe hockey 24/7, does it bum you out to be criticized for doing other things you love as well?
Ah a lot of people are idiots, they think they know a lot about everything. They aren’t athletes themselves so they don’t understand. Hockey doesn’t define me. Yeah it’s my passion, but I’m much more than just a hockey player. So people can say stuff but I’m still gonna do my own thing, but for the people that do support me just know that I’m extremely grateful and I love ya’ll.

You seem to have a great relationship with Bring Hockey Back, how did that come about (btw, we love seeing all the awesome photos you take with their merchandise)?
I do, I’ve gotten to know Sam really well but he kind of found me on social media and we connected from there.

Speaking of relationships, you are often seen doing a lot of charity work, what are some of the organizations that are closest to your heart?
Homes For Our Troops was my biggest donation. I’m just a huge supporter of our troops man always have been. What they do makes what I do look like child’s play. They are the true warriors.


And now for the part that caught our attention and made us want to reach out to you.. your love of music.

You are often seen on social media singing and dancing to many different styles of music, how much does music impact your training and your career?
Training? Baby I’m always bumpin tunes before, during, and after. It gets me goin! But music is just a huge part of my life in general, without music I’d be lost.

Does your busy schedule make it hard to attend concerts? Are their certain tours/artists you always make sure you have time to see?
Sometimes it does but if Chris Brown or Kanye is in town I will make sure I free up time! I wanna see ASAP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert soon!

Do you have certain playlists depending on what you’re doing and are there certain songs that are “must haves” no matter what you’re up to?
Any C Breezy song out, I have it but of course depending on how I’m feeling that day I play certain music. I kinda stopped listening to country music, not because I don’t love it, but because I’m an emotional guy to begin with and country music can make me think about things I don’t wanna think about. I’m about being positive.

If you could have any artist write you a theme song, like how wrestlers have their personalized entry music, who would you want to do yours and what would you want it to say about you?
No lyrics, just a bunch of big cat roars that got turned into a cool melody. Any electronic music person that can do that, sign me up!

Scenario time: you just won the Stanley Cup and as part of your Day With The Cup experience, you decide to throw a concert in your town to celebrate; Who would you book to perform?
My best buddy Cooper Anstett. He’s out there grindin in Nashville and is in a similar situation as me; we both know we got what it takes, all we need is a real opportunity.


I don’t know about you, but after hearing what Dan had to say I feel pretty inspired to push myself past my limits and go after anything I can dream of. If you’re anything like I am and can’t get enough of him, you can always find him on most social media sites/apps (usually under the name @stylinmilan) when he’s on and off the ice. We plan on staying in touch with him and doing future pieces so we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dan for being awesome enough to agree to do this interview as well as send us some great photos to include with it.

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