Golden Youth

A few months ago we reviewed the debut EP from the Sacramento duo Golden Youth. We got the chance to chat with Kyle Monroe and Stephanie Lauren for an extended interview about the band, their first EP, and everything in between.

How was it to produce your first full album?

Kyle Monroe: It was definitely a dream. I come from a producing background, so it was a freeing feeling to be able to be 100% involved in your music. I often subscribe to the “too many cooks in the kitchen” theory. So having the ability to take our time and try things we normally wouldn’t with another producer involved, it allowed us to be more creative.

What does the band hope to achieve in the next year?

KM: I think we are dying to get out on the road. I think people can expect Golden Youth to be coming to their town! We are so excited that the record is out and we just want to play it for people. I am really missing that connection with people. Being in the studio recording is so fun, but it can be a bit isolating from the people you are creating music for.

How does touring work with your friends for live shows? Do they switch off or are they permanent to the band overall?

KM: We are a permanent band for sure. Our drummer Jesse Lendzion and our “everything guy” Steven Kent are in this one for the long haul. We wouldn’t be able to pull off a Golden Youth set without those two. For the first couple shows of Golden Youth we had what seemed a carousel of friends filling in. Whoever had work off, or whoever wanted a free trip from California to Tennessee was our band. It took a bit of time, but we found our guys. I hope they don’t wise up and realize they are way too good for us, haha.

Are you interested in doing collaborations, if so, who would be your dream artist(s) to work with?

KM: We love working with other people!!! Personally I would love to be locked in a studio with Paul Simon and Feist. I realize they are not artists that play similar music to our genre, but I think the ideas would be amazing… or disastrous! Either way, I want to hear that product.

What does it feel like to have all of the positive reactions from the media to your debut album?

KM: It’s a bit alarming. When we were writing/recording the album there was never a moment of foreseen success at all. We didn’t really think about the outcome of the record after we finished it. We just knew that we liked it and the fact that people are even slightly excited about our music is extremely encouraging.

How did you come up with the name Golden Youth?

KM: We know it’s not that epic of a story, but it was just the name that best described the music we were creating.

Why did you choose the song “Brother in the Morning Light” for one of the first music videos from the album?

KM: I don’t think we even chose it, haha. A friend of ours Jeff Schneeweis (Number One Gun / The Make) was mixing the record and got really excited at the idea of making a music video for one of the songs. He told us it needed to be “Brother” and so we said okay. Haha. Jeff Scheeweis and Davis Tosti (Pax217) shot the video in one day and there we were. I like that there was no master plan. It was just a natural way that it became the single.

Stephanie, with the ongoing trend of female singers in all-male bands, who are your greatest influences? 

Stephanie Lauren: That’s a great question! I love Florence Welch, Tegan and Sara, Bjork and Kimbra! They have such a commanding yet endearing presence on stage and I really respect that! It’s something I hope to be able to master someday.

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