Kevin Mahoney


For the readers that may not know who you are, could you tell us a little about yourself?
My name’s Kevin and I play guitar in a band called Hit The Lights.

You’ve had your hands in a lot of bands, can you name them all for us?
Haha no :) but I can say I’ve played guitar for Hit The Lights, Polar Bear Club, and Holy War, and also filled in on guitar for 3OH!3, Such Gold, and RDGLDGRN. I also have a job writing songs for TV shows.

What are some of your favorite tour moments and with who?
Always the hardest question. One of the best parts of tour is that you’re going on an adventure every day. So every day you make new memories…but then you drink ‘til your brain stops remembering…oops. Some of my favorite memories that come to mind are when HTL played the Winter X-Games. It was a full weekend of drinking at 10am, breaking chandeliers, peeing on public transportation, getting in fights with locals, getting lost in the wilderness, and playing a show on the side of a mountain.

What are some of the biggest struggles about touring and being in a band?
Everything. Everything about it is hard. But if you love it then you never focus on it all. You just smile and keep going. ‘Cause you can’t stop.

What do you like to do during your down time?
Drink, get in trouble, collect vinyl, watch movies…these days I don’t have too much down time really.

A lot of musicians offer lessons in their down time, do you think students are more likely to learn faster/pay better attention when they are learning from someone in a band instead of a music instructor at a shop/school?
Yeah, most likely. But really its just gonna come down to how hard you really go after it. If you do nothing but push yourself and play that instrument you will get better.

Who are some bands that you feel are just starting out and are going to be huge?
This band called VICE is tearin’ up my speakers right now. I’m also really looking forward to the new The Chain Gang of 1974. I hope they both get huge just off of this interview alone. You guys are welcome.

Why did you decide to go the solo route and create an album?
Well I’m not really going solo. [I’m] still playing with HTL and even played drums on Nick’s (Thompson, lead singer of HTL) Thief Club record coming out soon. But as a song-writer I think you always have some acoustic songs laying around, haha. It felt like a good time to record some and maybe play some shows. I just never want to not be making music so here I am.

What influences will we hear in your solo music?
Maybe some Hot Rod Circuit, maybe some Cartel, maybe some Brighten…idk. I wanted to keep it sounding like something a Hit The Lights fan would still like. Just some fun catchy acoustic songs. Who doesn’t like those?…come on.

Do you plan on touring once the album is complete?
I’m not planning on it, but if people like the record and some fun tours come up, I will do them for sure. I think touring acoustic might be something really fun

Why did you choose Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter?
Because I heard that with Indiegogo you have the option to keep the money even if you don’t reach your goal. And I knew I didn’t want to promote this record have people waiting for it and then not make it because the goal wasn’t reached. I figured if I reach my goal or not, I already wrote the songs… I’m making this record.

You only have your campaign up for a few weeks total, why not have it longer like other album making campaigns?
Haha idk. I figured I wasn’t asking for that much so 19 days should be enough time. I guess i was wrong.

You have some interesting incentives in your campaign, where/how did you come up with them?
I just thought of what i would like to see if someone I liked was making one of these pages. Just simple, personal, intimate stuff – things you can’t really experience on a normal every day basis – matching tattoos, handwritten lyrics, a personal Skype show… something to make the listener feel like they’re a part of something. Because they are.

Why should people contribute to your campaign to make the album?
Because you don’t have to. And that’s what makes it even more incredible to me when you do. And for that we’re family. And for that I won’t let you down. And for that I’m forever grateful… oh, and I need money to feed my cereal habit.

Be sure to check out his campaign and consider contributing here:

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