We recently got the chance to chat with Sabrina Petrini, lead singer of LA-based KingQueen.

What was it like going from Sweden to London to the US? Did one place feel more like home than the others?
I grew up in a very safe enviroment, Sweden is a good place to grow up in however I always wanted more than being safe. London was my first step to realization of how much more there is to music and all the history about it. And I quickly realized what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be as an artist so I decided to move to Los Angeles after discovering Musicians Institute in Hollywood and ended up living in LA for five years (and still do). I always say I was born in LA in 2008 because it really did change my life and I’m in such an amazing place where I can finally be myself.

Some compare your sound as a mix of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Amy Lee.. does that offend you or please you?
Yes and no. Because I don’t mind being compared but when people write stupid and evil comments as if I wanted to be like any of them it really pisses me off because I love being me and I have never had that kind of personality of wanting to be someone else. Also, my inspirations are completely different; Green Day, The Sounds, James Brown, Guns N’ Roses

Do you feel that you have found your sound or are you still experimenting?
I don’t think I’ll ever find my sound because you always keep on improving or adapting and time flies so fast now and things change all the time.. And if you listen to artists and bands from the 90s until now their sound has changed too. So I guess this is the future for music today, constantly changing or in another word improving but at the same time sticking to the cause. You can’t change that.

Your songs are very catchy, what is your target audience?
The people that show up to our shows are all so different. We have the gays, the straights, the whites, the blacks.. everyone is welcome and I think everyone feels welcome.

What has the feedback been since releasing your album GET LOUD last year?
I used to be signed as a pop artist performing with backing tracks and backup dancers and now I’m in a band and play live music. For some this has been confusing. But I don’t really care. Because for those that got it and connected with GET LOUD are the people that connect with me because GET LOUD stands for who I really am. Especially the lyrics.

If you could tour with any artist, who would they be?
The Sounds. Green Day or Pink.

What was it like opening for Steel Panther?
Fantastic. That audience was so good to us. And Steel Panther are legends. Really enjoyed playing at the main stage at the House Of Blues and the sound guys were so professional and did a great job mixing us which doesn’t really happen that often.

When performing live, do you feel it is important to have a choreographed stage show or should an artist go with the flow?
It depends on who you are. If you take Rihanna, it’s necessary with choreography to keep that kind of music going for a few hours at a concert. But with rock, nah, that’s just something different. But believe it or not even big rock bands have some kind of decided staging on who in the band stands where during certain songs etc. I wouldn’t mind doing a mix of it in the future tho.

You’re a dancer and a vocalist, what are your thoughts on artists that choose to lip sync while performing?
I did it once. I hate myself every time I think about it! If you are not Britney Spears you are not aloud to lip-sync unless you are a drag queen.

Being that you are a gorgeous woman, do you and/or your band ever worry that it will become an issue in the future where its more of “Sabrina and her band” rather than KingQueen?
No, we are equal. Of course the lead singer is always and forever has been the bigger focus and that’s nothing I can do about, it is what it is. But no we all stick together after the shows and go hang with our crowd and make sure they all get to meet all the band members and not just me.

What do you hope to accomplish with KingQueen and what do we have to look forward to in the future?
KingQueen is my baby and every time I’ve wanted to “move on” from it it just hasn’t worked cuz there’s always a show to play and there’s always that one fan sending me a message with my lyrics and that to me is a big reminder of that KQ has something that people want to either look at or listen to. The future is to continue touring and improving the sound so we can record something that we stand for but also music that can be more radio friendly because we feel ready to go that route.

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