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When we learned of our friends in The Fold putting together a Kickstarter for their new album, we knew we had to get involved both as pledgers and as friends who wanted to help promote their cause.  As you can imagine between the Holiday season and the chaos of properly running and motivating a Kickstarter, Dan’s life is pretty busy, but when we reached out asking if he would have the time to do an interview with us he made it a top priority.

You guys have been around for a bit, give us a quick background on the journey of the band..
It’s been a long and winding road… Let’s see, The Fold started from the remnants of Showoff originally, minus our singer. Since I was the drummer, I stepped up to vocals and we got a drummer. That felt forced, so we disbanded in late 2002. That was when I found God and got married, in ‘05 I got restless and started The Fold up again with a few like-minded musicians I’d met. Shortly after we signed w Tooth & Nail and made 2.5 albums there. By ‘09 that had run its course and we went indie. We’ve made 1.5 albums this way, and have another on on the way! It’s a great time to be independent.

Does being a parent make it difficult to focus on the band?
Not so much the parenting, but touring all year would be a challenge. I couldn’t do that these days, unless the shows were very well attended and worthwhile. Luckily, we’ve been fortunate to find other avenues that allow us to be home, like Ninjago and writing music for sports.

Your parody of Miley’s Party in the USA ( was pretty hilarious and caused quite a stir.. did you ever hear directly from her about what she thought of it?
Nope! We were close to having her little sister play it for her, but never heard definitely one way or the other. Who knows…

In the song/video you sing “Glamour Kills won’t sponsor us, so All Time Low won’t tour with us”, since then you have had a couple shirts released with Glamour Kills.. why no All Time Low tour yet?
Yeah, we’ve become friendly with ATL through the process, but we haven’t really had any new music since then. Further, I don’t think that’s the kind of tour we would aiming for these days anyway. We’ve never really been that genre, and especially not on this new stuff.

How do you come up with some of these crazy ideas for videos and photos?
Were just a big think tank. The 4 of us, our buddy Joe Martin and Ryan Manno will just get in the van, or on the phone, or even just start an email chain – and just feed off of each other. This is how the silliness is born.

How did you guys team up with Ninjago?
It was all very organic, a guy who was writing the score for the show heard what they wanted for the theme song, and contacted me in late 2010. He was a fan of the band, and we’ve just been finding ways to stay involved ever since.

What inspired you to make a Kickstarter for the new album?
I’ve been a fan of Kickstarter since I found out about it in 2010, but we had just started working our first independent album at the time, so we kinda missed out. I always knew we would do a Kickstarter for the next album, but I’ve had a busy couple of years with wanting to be home with the little one, so it never felt right to pull the trigger until now. That said, I’ve been writing the whole time. I’ve never had this many songs going into the studio.

How is that going?
Really well! We’re 5 days out as of this writing, and almost 90% to our goal! We actually need more than what we set the goal at to do things right, so I hope we surpass it. $20,000 is more where we need to be, but the band is good at saving our pennies to do things right, if need be.

Were you surprised with how many people have reached out to pledge and promote your Kickstarter?
Yes, definitely. I mean, we’ve been pretty quiet for a few years as far as releasing full length albums, and so the older fans just thought we broke up. This whole new world of writing for TV and sports brought on a whole new fanbase, so now making a full length is extra exciting, because both sides are excited about it.

Do you think you will make your goal?
I have complete faith that we will!

What will happen if you don’t?
Puzzles, lots of puzzles. And we’ll probably wear the banana suits full time, so that we look extra depressed.

What is the highest pledge you have received so far?
Somebody bought the entire outfit I wore in the “Neverender” video, which will be kinda weird to part with. Super helpful to our cause though, so we’re thrilled that it sold!

Have any other bands/artists/companies contributed towards your goal?
Yes, a few other artists that have had successful Kickstarters actually contributed, which was amazing to see. It’s such a community, I didn’t realize that going in. Special shout-out to Jonathon Jones and Jessica Lynn Mullikin. Tom Higgenson of Plain White T’s also helped spread the word a lot, but he’s obviously not a Kickstarter guy! Also, Matt MacDonald from Classic Crime really stepped up and helped me out as I was about to launch, he let me pick his brain about what was a good move and a bad move, and when we launched he was the first to post it to his page to help get the word out. What a stand up guy!

If someone that knew absolutely nothing about you asked you why they should pledge to support your new album, what would you have to say to them?
I would tell them to watch our 3 minute Kickstarter video that I spent a month and a half of my life putting together, it’s really all in there. This whole thing is just about music. We’ve been at this 7 years, and we know more about who we are and what we want to achieve than ever before. We’re good guys, we love music, we love people. We want to make MORE music, if the fans respond and tell us we should, we’re going to put our heart and soul into it. It’s that simple!

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter page at and consider pledging, even if its just a couple bucks. Consider it your act of kindness for Christmas :)

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