Janet Devlin Talks Her New Christmas EP, Upcoming Full-Length Album & More


Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin is taking the music world by storm, and racking up plenty of frequent flyer miles in the process. In the US for the fifth time this year, I had the chance to speak to Devlin while she was in New York a few weeks ago to chat about her new EP, December Daze, as well as how work is progressing on her upcoming full-length — the follow-up to 2014’s Running With Scissors — her writing process, what makes a great cover performance, and so much more.

The first time I had the opportunity to interview Devlin was back in February, on the morning of her first-ever performance in New York. Not that she was lacking in confidence back then, as she has all the talent to back it up, but I found her to be more self-assured this time around, and very excited about getting back in the studio on the road to bring her music to the masses.

Check out our latest interview below, and if you want to hear more from her, be sure to check out that first interview earlier this year, and you can catch her on Stageit tomorrow(!), Wednesday 12/9, and next Wednesday, 12/16.

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