Northernmost – Cloudy

The new album from Massachusetts rockers Northernmost will be out next week — Pinedale is out September 18th on Rude Fox Records to be exact. Lucky for us, following the release of “Milo” a few weeks ago, they band has graced us once again with a new track from the upcoming EP, “Cloudy”.

Check out the new song below, as well as our recent interview with the band. Read on to see what guitarist/vocalist Jesse Field has to say about “Cloudy”, his dream tour lineup, and their inspirations — as well as a little tangent from drummer Tyler Bragger on something all of us at EAH appreciate, comic books!

“Cloudy”, from your upcoming EP, mentions cancer. Is this about a specific person? The song is very emotional, especially in the acoustic version.
Yes, it is. I’d rather not say specifically but someone very close to me. This song is about a fear that will be a reality someday. It’s about measuring up to someone you’ve always broken your neck looking up to. It’s about the possibility of having to fill those shoes. it’s never a thought I want to have, and I’m hoping that it never has to happen.

Will you be doing anything to celebrate the EP’s release?
Yeah we have some really cool stuff coming up. Probably the most punk show ever is in the works but it’s not 100% set haha.

If your idea of “making it” is having one kid somewhere connect to a song and sing it back at you, how would you feel if someone got a tattoo related to your music?
That would be sick. I think the first Northernmost tattoo that gets shown to us can ask for one free favor from us as individuals or as a band (free shows for life maybe?). That would be a huge connection for me with that person.


How has touring been? What are some of the best and worst moments? Have there been any tour pranks?
Tour is great. You get 4 days in and you can just feel that it was what you were meant to do. Best moments were the nights on stage when we were really feeling our sound and in the mindset. nothing beats that. But we also found this skatepark in Cleveland that was my absolute favorite – Crete Park just out of reach of the city skyline, underneath a 50 ft. high subway track. Our bad moments have been pretty good still – we were almost robbed in Trenton once. We’ve had some fights before as a band over small stupid stuff and a couple minor car accidents but overall we’re the luckiest band alive.

What would be your dream tour lineup, and at what venue would it take place?
TREOS, Counterparts, Make Do and Mend, Born Without Bones, Northernmost. The Sinclair in Cambridge. It doesn’t make sense, but in my dreams that would be the tightest show in existence.

Kayla’s ‘Brand New’ muff clone was posted on Instagram a few months ago – Do you all have a favorite instrument/piece of gear? Has any of that been inspired by certain musicians?
Yeah! our friend Alex runs a company called Coppersound Pedals and he’s done great work for all of us including making that muff. I use the guitar amp formerly owned by a member of Verse and before that a member of Torche and it is an incredible testament to guitar tone. other than that, we all pedal nerd pretty hard but our selections are more to do with trial and error than a famous person owning them (although I do have the Les Paul Custom Anthony Raneri uses but that’s more of a coincidence).

How did you decide on the name Northernmost?
We had a long list of names and honestly Northernmost was the only one that we didn’t hate. Band names are always tough to pick but we really love the name. I think it suits us pretty well.

As comics fans, what are some of your favorites? If they have been made into movies recently, what did you think of them?
[Tyler] I’ve always been more of a Marvel guy, with the exception of a few select DC an Image titles, like Batman and a sort of recent Image series called Saga. I love the Christian Bale Batman movies, but my favorite Batman movie is definitely the animated Dark Night Returns, which is based off my favorite Batman arc. Anyways, my favorite books are all mostly X-Men and Avengers titles, and I love crossover events like Civil War and AvX. As for movies, I’m very easily entertained. I honestly enjoy when the events in movies aren’t quite the same as how it happened in the comics. It’s almost like getting a different spin on it, like another alternate universe. I dig it because otherwise, watching the movies you know exactly what will happen. That being said, I do also appreciate when they stay true to the books in really iconic parts like in Gwen Stacey’s death scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But that’s all just one guy’s opinion.


Thanks, guys! We can’t wait for the new EP.