Richie Gordon, Co-Creator of Pop Punk Web Series Headliners, Chats About Show’s Origins


Headliners — a new online web series slated to air in Spring 2017 — takes us back to the burgeoning pop punk scene in 2003. The show will follow the storylines of a struggling back in the Chicago pop punk scene, and an indie record label, whose owner is trying to stay relevant in the ever-changing and tumultuous music industry.

The show will also feature original music from Anberlin (whose Christian McAlhaney’s “Moving On” you can hear clips of in the interview), The Rocket Summer, and Forever the Sickest Kids to name a few — all under the watchful eye of series music producer Ryan Key of Yellowcard.

Series co-creator Richie Gordon sat down with me last week to discuss a wide range of topics about the show — from it’s origins, the explosion of social media, plans to go beyond one season & more. After receiving initial funding from investors, Gordon and his partners at Tessellation have started a Kickstarter campaign to help get them the rest of the way there.

Listen below for the full version of Christian McAlhaney’s “Moving On”, and for info about the series, visit

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