Rocket & The Ghost – “Come In From The Outside”


The last time we heard from NYC’s Rocket & The Ghost they had just released their debut, self-titled EP. Those first five songs just weren’t enough, and thankfully Kiyoshi Matsuyama and Co. have a brand-new EP, out May 12th. To celebrate the occasion, we caught up with Kiyoshi to ask him about the new EP, and what the band has been up to.

Read on to see what he had to say, and you must (must!) give “Come In From The Outside” a listen while you’re at it. The new track, which will be on their upcoming EP, is bigger, richer, and shows off the band’s new — or at least updated — direction.

We last spoke to you on the occasion of your debut EP’s release in 2013 – can you give us a little history of what the band has been up to in the last year and a half?
Working hard!  We’ve gone through some lineup changes and honing our sound/songwriting chops.  We won an independent music award for our song “Gold” (off of said EP), we released a music video of our single “Better Than Before” and now we’re in the process of releasing these new songs “Come in from the outside” and “Albuquerque”. 

Did you approach the recording of this EP any differently? Any major do’s or don’ts that you took carried over?
I think we kept intact the live element of the band in tact just like in the last EP, but improved our methods with producer Wilson Brown.  We tracked basics live to keep the sound of the band intact, but this time we did tons of overdubs to add space and ambiance.  Unlike our last EP, we did a lot in post.  There are layers of guitars, synths, pianos, drum lines, choirs and much more.

What can your fans expect from the new EP?
Bigger!  Better! Catchier!

Will you be out touring this summer?
We have a few out of town dates scheduled for July and August.


Thanks Kiyoshi! Stay tuned to the band’s website and facebook page for all the tour dates.

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