SXSW Preview: Cheers Elephant

Southern California’s (by way of Philadelphia) pop-rock quartet Cheers Elephant are heading to Austin to take South by Southwest by storm. The unique and groovy foursome are set to play a dozen showcases at SXSW.

Before they attempt this incredible feat, bassist and vocalist Travelin’ Matt was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about thee band, this crazy schedule, and alternate hairdos.

And while you’re reading, be sure to check out the video for their song, “Doin’ It, Right”.

How would you describe your style of music to people who haven’t heard you before?
In my opinion there’s only 3 types of music – the good, the bad and the ugly. I would say ours is good music with maybe a little of the ugly sprinkled in. It’s chock-full of 3 part vocal harmonies, jangly guitar hooks, over driven solos, melodious bass lines, and thunderous drums. Everything a music fan could ask for, really.

Eric Danton of Rolling Stone said that your set was his favorite from SXSW 2013 – does that add any pressure for this year?
That was a great compliment but no, it doesn’t add any pressure. We’ve been playing non-stop since the SXSW 2013, so I’m confident we’ll play an even stronger set than last year. There’s also some brand new tunes we’ve thrown into the mix that I think people will really dig. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if you liked us last year, wait until you see us this time.


You’re set to play 12 showcases over 5 days at SXSW – are you worried about trying to do too much in such a short period of time?

Not really worried about the band trying to do too much as I’m worried about King (our drummer) trying to do too much. Have you seen that guy play? It’s quite the sight too see. We may need paramedics on hand for last few shows.

What will you do in-between showcases?
If we don’t have interviews scheduled, hopefully we can catch a set by Train Conductor. I can also say with certainty that we’ll be scouring the city for free food and booze. A little rest wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but that probably won’t happen.

What’s next for Cheers Elephant after SXSW?
We’re currently in the process of writing and arranging tunes for our new record, so we’ll definitely be nailing those down in addition to recording and playing shows. Maybe haircuts?

Thanks Matt!

If you’re in Austin for SXSW, be sure to check out Cheers Elephant at one of their 12(!) showcases. Click here to see the complete list.

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