SXSW Preview: Lily & The Parlour Tricks

New York’s Lily & The Parlour Tricks, a 6-piece blend of musical Americana are about to head south to take part in South by Southwest. We had the chance to chat with Lily Claire, the band’s namesake, about their upcoming trip, Texas BBQ, and what’s next for these New Yorkers.

And as a special treat while you’re reading, give a listen to Lily & The Parlour Tricks’ new song, “Requiem”.

How would you describe your style of music to people who haven’t heard you before?
Vintage pop for the future.

You performed at CMJ just a few months ago – what are the biggest differences between CMJ and SXSW?
CMJ is in our own back yard, so going to SXSW for us literally means going somewhere, taking a trip, having an adventure. CMJ we get the luxury of being in our own beds at the end of the day. SXSW we get the luxury of being in a different place. The warm weather doesn’t hurt, either.

You’re set to play 5 showcases over 6 days at SXSW – is there any added pressure performing at a big event like this? Or do you treat these shows as if you were just on tour?
We treat festival shows like we treat any others. We want it to sound good, we want to get the audiences dancing and we want to have fun – those are our priorities. We have the same standards for any event. Gotta try to do our best no matter what.


What will you do in-between showcases?
We plan to see tons of music, eat tons of barbecue, and be out in the fresh air as much as possible.  Oh and get one of those giant cinnamon buns from the Driskill Hotel. That’s important.

What’s next for Lily & The Parlour Tricks after SXSW?
We’re about to release a whole lot of new music, and after SXSW we’re going to focus all our energy on the very best way to go about doing so.  We can’t wait to share this stuff with everyone.  It’s a new era for the P-Tricks.

Thanks Lily!

If you’re in Austin for SXSW, be sure to check out Lily & The Parlour Tricks performing at the following showcases:

Mon 3/1011PM — Omnicom/OMDD WIMMI Party – Cheers Shot Bar Rooftop (416 E. 6th St.)
Thu 3/131PM — Heartbreaker Banquet @ Willie Nelson’s Luck Texas – General Store
Thu 3/136PM — South By Sapporo – The Treehouse Diddly – Cheers Shot Bar Rooftop (416 E. 6th St.)
Fri 3/144:05PM — Big Picture Media Showcase – Blind Pig (317 E 6th St.)
Sat 3/1511PM — SXSW Official Showcase – Esther’s Follies (525 E 6th St.)

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