SXSW Preview: Lime Cordiale

Sydney’s own Lime Cordiale are taking their unique brand of trippy, jazzy, pop-rock to Austin to take part in South by Southwest. We had the chance to chat with Oli Leimbach who, along with his brother Louis, fronts this up-beat 5-piece as they prepare to play a half-dozen shows in just 4 days next week.

And while you’re reading, don’t miss the official video for their incredibly catchy song, “Sleeping At Your Door” – I guarantee you’ll be singing along by the end of this interview.

How would you describe your style of music to people who haven’t heard you before?
There’s a couple grungy guitars and a soulful rhythm section to get you jiggy. A trombone replaces the lead guitar on stage-right. We get out a clarinet and trumpet to join him. We sing low and high until our eyes pop. Our crowd seems to like getting wildly pissed and messy to it. But it’s something you can take a date to.

You’ve been featured on SXSW’s own website – does this add any pressure to your performances?
Oh man, I hadn’t thought about that. Nah, I don’t feel pressurized. It’s great that we were featured but if we get stiff our show doesn’t work. Hopefully it brings more people to the party who might have now seen a few of our music videos.


You’re set to play 5 showcases over 4 days at SXSW – are you worried about trying to do too much in such a short period of time?
I think we’re doing six now! Some bands say it can get pretty intense but I’ve been hanging out for something like this. I kind of want to know what it feels like to go so hard that we implode. Being a band from the other side of the world probably gives us more energy than others. Everything is new and weird and weird and new to us! Also, we’re taking some time to chill out in L.A right now to get ready for it all. The main worry is that Louis has about $5 in his bank account.

What will you do in-between showcases?
Watch bands and meet new people. Probably try and sell them a CD or give them a little kissy. I know that SXSW is meant to be one of the best festivals to attend as an audience member. There’s so much going on. Movies and conferences too. I’m scared I won’t sleep, that’s the problem.

What’s next for Lime Cordiale after SXSW?
After SXSW we’re heading back to California to play shows up and down the coast. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Orange County. We’re looking forward to that a lot because we haven’t really seen much outside of L.A. My brother – Louis – and myself are U.S. citizens so we can stay here as long as we want. Our agent is trying to make us stay by tempting us with more tour dates. Looks like we’ll be back here in June without a doubt. That gives us a bit of time to go back to Australia in May and record some new music.

Thanks Oli!

If you’re in Austin for SXSW, be to check out Lime Cordiale at the following showcases:

Wed 3/121:10pm — Big Picture Media Showcase – Thirsty Nickel (325 E 6th St.)
Thu 3/135:20pm — Sound Gallery – B.D. Riley’s Pub (204 E 6th St.)
Thu 3/139pm — Chugg Music Showcase – TenOak (409 Colorado St.)
Sat 3/1512:15pm — The Aussie BBQ – Maggie Mae’s (323 E 6th St. – Downstairs)
Sat 3/159pm — Planetary Group Party – Maggie Mae’s (323 E 6th St. – Gibson Room)

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