SXSW Recap: Lily & The Parlour Tricks and Carbon Tigers

SXSW 2014 may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t plenty to talk about. We reconnected with Lily & The Parlour Tricks and Carbon Tigers to get their thoughts on what went down in Austin.

We prompted for a reaction to SXSW, Lily & The Parlour Tricks’ Lily Claire responded with some sage advice:

Never underestimate the importance of sunblock, earplugs, and comfortable shoes.

Lily, the girls, and more than a little rocking out.

Fried chicken from the world famous Gus’s.

Carbon Tigers’ frontman Chris Wienke on what they learned:

When we had finished all of our shows and spent our last night reflecting on the week, we realized that Everything is Good. The Wars at Home was an EP that was largely inspired by the forces (positive and negative) that affect our souls as we try to navigate life. This week in Austin was a reminder that there’s beauty in that chaos, and love all around us. I will never forget how important it is for all of us (people!) to remember the warmth and peace that fills our hearts when we are quiet for a moment, and give love a chance to let its voice be heard.

Little known fact, there is no shortage of silly glasses in Austin.

Bringing a little bit of Chicago to the south.

Thanks everyone!

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