YOU GUYS, THE MEDIC DROID ARE BACK!!! On Monday, the band posted the video above (a song currently titled “Running In The Dark”) as a little teaser to let everyone know that they have returned and are ready to bring their music back to the masses.

It’s been about 8 years since What’s Your Medium was released and since then there have been many ups and downs for the band, including a breakup or two.

We asked the band why it took soo long to officially get back together and release new music and they said:

“Life gets in the way, the feelings gotta be right, you know? We started making music for fun and we kind of lost that throughout having minor success, our friendship was always most important, once we started losing touch with that we weren’t inspired and having fun anymore. We both had personal things going on and the timing wasn’t right, until recently.”

medic droid

We here at Emo At Heart are definitely glad that Chris and Hector have rekindled their friendship and resurrected The Medic Droid back from the dead. The music featured on What’s Your Medium was full of infectious electronic beats and a mix of lyrics from love to partying a little too hard (“Fer Sure” and “Fscene8” are two of Envy’s personal favorites).

We were curious if the new album would be similar to What’s Your Medium or if we should expect something different from the newly reformed duo:

“The sound will definitely be a little dif, everyone grows as a person and/or artist, we have so many influences we weren’t able to put across in the past and now we feel like we’re tapping into it a little bit, from disco to darker toned stuff we feel like we’re finally writing what we wish we would’ve put out in the past with a few new inspirations that we picked up along the way.”

Sounds as if there will be a lot of surprises with the new material but with the same Medic Droid twist that we adore. One thing is for sure, we’ll be getting a lot of new music from them very soon.

“At this time it’s more about seeing how it comes together, there’s about 25+ songs were trying to pick and choose from that will really make the ‘record’ we wanna make, we have so many unreleased songs and demos that go back to 07-08 that range from rowdy noise, super pop, piano/acoustic to ambient type stuff. The album plan is a full length, 11-12 songs.”

Looks like the boys have a lot of work on their hands but with their renewed passion and dedication there’s no stopping them from achieving their goals and releasing a new album in 2016 along with touring to reunite with their friends & fans around the world. Lucky for us (and you), the band will be keeping us in the loop when it comes to news on what they’re up to and maybe if we’re luckily we’ll get a little exclusive content to share with you soon!

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