Walsher Clemons

A few days ago we brought you Walsher Clemons’s “Everybody Knows (The Woman Way)” off their forthcoming album, Dancing & Praying, out September 1st.

Before their album comes out in a few weeks, check out our interview with the band below to see what they had to say about their “unique” name, the writing and recording process for the new album, as their current lineup.


Can you give us a little background on the meaning behind your name?
We formed the band in high school. A former classmate started calling our guitar player “Walsher Clemons”. We don’t know where in the depths of his mind that nickname came from, but we thought it would look cool on a tie dye shirt. We have stuck with the name for 8 years, and we’re still waiting for the first tie dye.

I hope you don’t mind the comparison, but I think the beautiful musical baby of Phish and Michael Jackson is one of the best ways to describe your style. How do *you* describe Walsher Clemons’ music?
How you described it sounds marvelous. We like to think of our music as an eclectic gumbo of genres. We want it to make people dance and scream! 

Your roster has expanded over time. Are you still looking to add new pieces? Or do you think you’ve hit your groove with the current lineup?
We would love to add a horn section and gorgeous female background singers. That way we can reach our full potential as a band in terms of sounding the way we want to sound.

Did you have a particular theme or plan in mind when writing and recording the new album?
We have been so caught up in ensuring the success of the first one, we haven’t had time to really ponder #2. When the time is right, the music will come from within us. 

Is there a song – or songs – in particular from your upcoming album that you’re most proud of? Maybe a track that was difficult to put all the pieces together but ended up being the perfect composition?
We are very proud of every track. They were all painstakingly pieced together in the lab. There are a few songs in particular that we feel will resonate with the public the most. “Dance Like a Lunatic” and “The Funk” come to mind.

Do you take any inspiration from your home city of Chicago – an eclectic city with a rich musical history.
We are suburban boys at heart. However, the city plays a deep role in our motivation, and the music we’ve discovered downtown on the scene is real hip and is always inspiring us in our own music.

Will you be doing any extended touring this Fall/Winter?
We will be doing around 25-30 dates throughout the fall/winter, hitting several states in the Midwest, and we’ll likely venture out west to heady Colorado.

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