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Adam Friedman – What If


LA-based singer-songwriter Adam Friedman and his debut EP, Green, are already on their way to the masses; and will undoubtedly be helped along by two national TV appearances where he’ll be performing his new track, “What If”.

After next week’s appearances on The Bachelor (Monday 2/13 at 8PM EST) and The Today Show (Friday 2/17 at 10AM EST), you will almost certainly be hearing a lot more from Friedman with multiple soundtrack and commercial placements already lined up.

“What If” is perfectly soundtrack-worthy in its own right, and Friedman himself has some very pointed feelings about the track:

This song transcends religion and partisan beliefs… It merges love with religion. The two most colossal subject matters in human history coming together in my own personal Big Bang in the shape of a song. – Adam Friedman

Check out the new song below.

(Photo Credit: Tynan Daniels)

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