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Anthony Green – A Reason to Stay


Anthony Green, frontman of Circa Survive and Saosin, will be releasing a new solo album later this year – Pixie Queen, out September 9th via Memory Music. The album started to come together while working on Circa Survive’s 2014 effort, Descensus, and chronicles his personal struggles.

A lot of the record is about confusion and trying to understand whether something is worth holding on to… When you’re on a mechanical bull the longer you can keep holding on the easier it becomes to navigate its movements. It makes you stronger, but sometimes it’s really hard and it can be way easier to let go and get flung off. – Anthony Green

His latest single, “A Reason to Stay”, is a poppy piano- and acoustic guitar-driven joint and along with the previously released tracks “You’ll Be Fine”, “From What I Understand” give us an excellent idea as to the overall makeup of the album.

Check out the new track below.

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