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Evee – Lone Wolf


Multi-hyphenate Evee is showing off her dancing prowess in the new lyric video for her latest single “Lone Wolf”. The song hits these really deep, pulsing rhythms and the video – which consists of a choreographed dance routine performed by Evee and accomplished choreographer (and Evee best friend) Zana Gankhuyag, while the song’s lyrics make their way on to and off the screen – is the perfect pairing.

“Lone Wolf” is in a way, my personal theme song… It’s the first song we wrote in studio together and identify with so strongly. The song came about really through the imagery the production gave me. I just kept picturing myself running through the woods at twilight. – Evee

It’s clear that Evee’s musical inspirations made their way into the physical performance of the song and video as well. It will be fascinating to see how this young artist continues to mold and shape her work – both musical and visual.

Check out the new video below:

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