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Giselle – Hazy Eyes


Miami-born singer-songwriter Giselle has released an emotional and striking new video for her track, “Hazy Eyes”. The song is plenty emotional in its own right; dedicated to Giselle’s grandmother who passed away after battling Alzheimer’s Disease. The video, like the song before it, were recorded in one take; allowing for the listener and viewer to be fully intertwined with the artist’s pain and emotions.

Like the audio, the music video is a one shot take. We wanted the “imperfections” of piano creeks and breaths that are in the audio to be present in the video. “Hazy Eyes” is essentially about pain and regret. – Giselle

She has taken to the cause quite personally and has begun working with Alzheimer’s New Jersey to support their efforts. In fact, tomorrow (11/16) she will be speaking and performing at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City on behalf of the Act Now Foundation for Alzheimer’s Awareness.

Check out the new video below, and be sure to follow Giselle for all of her future performance updates.

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