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Gravel Kings – American Skies

Last year I spoke to Gravel Kings frontman Zack Jones about the band’s latest EP release, Lure, as well as the future of the band. While they will be returning to the studio later this year to record a full length album with producer James Paul Wisner – the very same producer of Lure – we do have a brand new track from the band, “American Skies”.

“American Skies” was released as part of the ACLU-benefiting compilation Music For Everyone, released just a few weeks ago.

On the compilation and the work of the ACLU, Jones shared the following:

We feel that our current administration is being disturbingly selective in how rights are distributed among citizens and visitors of the United States. In our opinion, the ACLU is a great line of defense in making sure that everyone is treated equally and that no one’s rights are compromised as a result of the Trump administration.

And on the song and contributing to this album:

While we’ve always been hesitant to share our political opinions out of fear of losing fans, this time we couldn’t stay silent. Everyone should be speaking up right now. It’s time to be honest, we can’t be complacent.

Check out the new track below.

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