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Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires – The Color Of A Cloudy Day


Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jason Isbell has collaborated with his wife Amanda Shires on a new song for’s Amazon Acoustics playlist. While this was a rare opportunity for the husband and wife duo, the results are extraordinary.

Usually we only help each other edit songs that we write individually. This song deals with crime and punishment. The protagonist isn’t exactly innocent, but he isn’t guilty of the crime for which he’s being punished. – Jason Isbell

The song itself is a beautiful composition and could easily be re-worked as three completely different tracks. We begin with Isbell, slow and deliberate; followed by Shires, whose smooth medium-high tones are the perfect compliment to Isbell; finally, the string orchestration picks up about for the back half of the song, adding more layers and depth.

While the full playlist is available exclusively to stream on Prime Music, you can listen to the track in full below. For more information about the playlist, check out

(Photo Credit: Nate Burrell)

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