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Julia Nunes Streams Entire New Album, Some Feelings, Out September 25th

Singer-songwriter Julia Nunes has never been one to shy away from emotional subject matter in her songs, and her latest album — Some Feelings, out September 25th — is no exception. Nunes’ honest, heart-on-her-sleeves style has been ever present throughout her long career, endearing fans out on the road and in YouTube video after YouTube video (though sadly a lot of her videos have been archived*) and the much-deserved success of her recent Kickstarter campaign.

In her own words, the album “chronicles my realizations about how shitty I let my life get…There are songs about looking back in horror, and looking forward with hope. You also get to hear me fall in love again, which is dope.”**

I couldn’t agree more. Falling in love is pretty dope — as is Some Feelings for that matter. You can get your own copy later this month, but thanks to Nunes and, you can stream the album in it’s entirety below.

*Nunes went through a self re-branding a few months ago, during which a lot of her old videos were archived, and while I completely respect her reasoning behind it (about her public-facing image and the like) I will miss some of those videos. Especially her cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” that she recorded with A Great Big World before they set out on tour a few years ago.

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