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Knox Hamilton – Washed Up Together


Endorsements play an important role in presidential politics, as candidates try to garner additional external support; and as this year’s election cycle hurdles ever closer to its can’t-come-soon-enough conclusion more and more key figures will lend their name to their candidate of choice.

Today’s endorsement comes by way of Katy Perry, yet thankfully removed from the world of politics. Perry took to twitter over the weekend to extol the virtues of Little Rock alt pop quartet Knox Hamilton’s latest video, “Washed Up Together”.


The video portrays a varied cast of characters being vacuum packed before our eyes. While a little jarring at times, the song is the real stand-out. The track leans heavily on super catchy guitar and bass riffs alongside frontman Boots Copeland’s modulating vocals.

Check out the new video below and see (and hear) for yourself.

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