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LAYNE – Good

Sometimes, all it takes is a click of a Tweet to find your new crush.. today that happens to be South Dakota native Layne Putnam, aka LAYNE. Newly relocated to Los Angeles, she crossed paths with drummer Alexander Rosca and instantly knew they were destined to make music together. What the rest of us didn’t know was just how beautiful that music would be. Whether you believe in fate or not, I’m thanking the stars that these two crossed paths to make songs that make you feel good all over, like taking a pill that relaxes you into a state of bliss.

I challenge you to try to get through the whole song/video for their newest single, “Good”, without nodding your head and getting into a little grove.

“Good” is a small introduction to some of the music I’ve been writing over the past year while living in Los Angeles. We’re all looking to be understood, and this song, along with our EP, is where we can feel alone together. We call that place the “In-Between.” – Layne Putnam

While there is no release date scheduled at this time, we’re hoping it will be sometime soon because “Good” has left us wanting more! You can rest assured that we will be covering everything we can about LAYNE, their release status and what they’re up to over the next few months, so be ready to swoon along with us <3

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