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Richard Edwards – Disappeared Planets


The diagnosis, and subsequent treatment and recovery, of a rare and potentially fatal stomach ailment couldn’t keep Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s frontman Richard Edwards away from his music. Edwards returns later this year with a brand new solo album, Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset – out March 31 via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Along with the news of the new album is the release of the first track, “Disappeared Planets”, alongside the announcement of his Edwards’ first live performances in more than three years.

“Disappeared Planets” was written in the days following my separation from my wife… I woke up on pain medication from an abdominal surgery in a cold sweat with a premonition and the song fell out real fast, within a few minutes, I reckon. It was a real draining thing to write and made me kinda sick to listen to for a long time. Not so much anymore. – Richard Edwards

The song is moody and noir-ish and reflects the vibe of the atmosphere in which it was written; but it’s the subtle horns that will stick with you after multiple play-throughs. Check out the new song and Edwards’ upcoming tour dates below.

Tour Dates:
2/16-18: Davenport, IA – GAS Feed & Seed Festival
4/1: New York, NY – Rough Trade

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