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Salt Cathedral – Unraveling ft. Matisyahu


The electro-pop space is not shorting for new music these days and New York-by-way-of-Columbia duo Salt Cathedral are here with a new single to add to the ever-expanding genre. The new track, “Unraveling”, is light and airy and works perfectly alongside vocals from Matisyahu.

While what may appear as an odd pairing on paper, the collaboration works beautifully, and should open new areas of experimentation for both artists.

It was very exciting to make this collaboration a reality. It was an unexpected situation where we didn’t know if things would click creatively or not. It turns out things went pretty effortlessly, and in less than two recording sessions we had cut three songs that we truly love. – Salt Cathedral

Check out the new track below, and if you’re in New York City, you can see them in person on December 6th at Rockwood Music Hall.

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