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Sarah Solovay Returns With New Single, Rough Draft


Picture it: You’re a Grammy-shortlisted pop artist opening for the likes of John Mayer and Train, you’ve secured multiple soundtrack placements, and the New York Times just compared you to Regina Spektor. What do you do next?

For Sarah Solovay the answer was simple: step away from the music industry entirely and go to college.

Four years later, Solovay has returned – degree in hand – and is releasing her first new single “Rough Draft” today.

I am endlessly fascinated by stories like Solovay’s; of people putting their dreams on hold to pursue, well, other dreams – it’s something I’ve always struggled with, trying to balance the everyday need to keep a roof over my head and food on my table with whatever next amazing idea comes my way. I asked Solovay if she had any second thoughts about getting back into the music industry after being away for four years:

I definitely had some nerves and fears, but I don’t think I ever had second thoughts. I remember, toward the end of college, my mom asking me at one point what I would do if not music, and I spent a few days living with that question, and I really had no answer. It just kind of had to be music. It was time to release the songs I’d been writing and working on for years.

Her first new single is telling as well; opening with the lines: “I’m just a rough draft / ink on every page / couple stains and stripes where tears were wiped away”. As to why “Rough Draft” was to be her first new release:

Of all of my songs, Rough Draft is the one that feels most honest about who I am and where I am in my life right now. The song is about being a work in progress, being a little rough around the edges, but putting yourself out there anyway, and that’s exactly how I feel these days. I’m about to turn 23, so I’m still very much figuring out myself, my career, etc. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I’m learning to embrace my rough draft-dom and enjoy the learning and growing that comes with this age and phase of life.

You can check out the “Rough Draft” for yourself below, and I highly recommend that you do; and if you’re in the NYC-area you can see Solovay in person tomorrow night at Rockwood Music Hall.

(Photo Credit: Lauren Silberman)

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