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Sarah Solovay – Rough Draft


Sarah Solovay has only recently returned to the pop music scene and is already receiving plenty of well-deserved praise for her first single, “Rough Draft” – including right here on Emo At Heart where she was also kind enough to answer a few of my questions about getting back into the music industry.

Today we have a very special treat in the official music video for “Rough Draft” featuring original art from renowned artist Xiaonan, creating a masterpiece collaboration between music and visual spectacle.

I feel really lucky that “Rough Draft” resonated with Xiaonan enough that he wanted to work on this video together. He’s such a brilliant artist, and it was clear from the get go that he really clicked with the song and understood it on a deeper level than most people. – Sarah Solovay

And from the artist himself:

Essentially the video created itself in my mind fairly effortlessly. The slightly tougher part was just bringing what I saw in my mind’s eye to the real world. I’m pretty happy with the result and it is very close to what I imagined, and I hope it matches the song does the music justice. – Xiaonan

The end result is a wonderful piece of art, and you can view it for yourself below.

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