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Sarah Solovay – Trick Me


Among the songs Sarah Solovay performed during her set last week at Rockwood Music Hall was a new song, “Trick Me” – which we can now all enjoy below. The song is deep and mellow – like a good bourbon – and focuses on a common thread for Solovay’s music: relationships.

The song, like my preferred spirit, warms you up slowly while revealing the more complex subtleties underneath it all.

Solovay shared on Facebook some of the background of the song:

“Trick Me” is a really important song to me—writing it was a turning point for me as an artist, because it helped me tap into my new alt pop sound and figure out a vision for my new body of work. The song’s about a recurring theme in my love life—turning a blind eye to the fact that someone might be bad news in the long-term and just letting the experience be what it’s gonna be.

Check out the new track below, and don’t miss my impressions of her set from last week.

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