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Silverstein – Toronto (Unabridged)

On June 26th, Silverstein unveiled their latest music video for “Toronto (Unabridged)”, the closing track off of I Am Alive In Everything I Touch. Unfortunately, US fans had to wait a day, as it was released on Much Music in Canada first. “Canada gets priority on this one!” frontman Shane Told wrote on his Instagram. I can’t really blame him – it IS their home, after all.

The video was directed, filmed, and edited by the talented Wyatt Clough, who is also the man behind their Discovering the Waterfront 10 year Anniversary documentary, as well as being their photographer on past tours. I really enjoy his style, and this video was no exception.

“Toronto” is beautifully shot, and even though it’s somewhat stripped down and simple with no color; when matched along with the song, it can pull at your emotions just a little. Told sings about feeling like a stranger at home, while he and the rest of the band go back and forth between being normal and silhouettes, in between glimpses of the city of Toronto. Some of the views are impressive, and that’s because they actually rented a helicopter for this shoot! Totally worth it, in my opinion.

As someone who has visited Toronto, it was cool to recognize some of the sights. One thing that made me chuckle was a Forever 21 store in Dundas Square, where the sign had been edited. The 21 was removed and replaced with Silverstein’s weathervane logo. Try to catch that while you watch! The last shot of the video is my favorite though, just an aerial view of the city as the song fades. Gorgeous.