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Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave


Taking Back Sunday, currently halfway through this year’s Taste of Chaos Tour with Dashboard Confessional, have just released the first single, “Tidal Wave”, off their upcoming album of the same name – due out September 16th via Hopeless Records. The album, their first since 2014’s Happiness Is, will mark a musical departure for the band, pushing their boundaries like never before.

The first single, and accompany video, is rock and roll Americana to the core, while still retaining those Long Island punk roots. I like to imagine that if you locked TBS’s Adam Lazzara and John Nolan in a room together along with Butch Walker, Chuck Ragan, and Brian Fallon, that this would be the result.

With our first records, we were writing from the perspective of 17, 18-year-old kids and now it’s like, as you grow old, the blinders get pulled back and you have a different way of looking at the world. There’s more of an Americana feel. But we realize anything we do is going to sound like Taking Back Sunday – Adam Lazzara

Check out the new video below, which incorporates live footage of the song from Taste of Chaos, which places the band – appropriately so – in front of a giant American flag backdrop.

We cannot wait for this record. Is it September yet?

(Photo Credit: Greg Hunter)

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