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The Grand Southern – Drive Me Wild


LA duo The Grand Southern – Dash Hutton on vocals and drums, Jesse Tyre Karp on vocals and guitar – have a released a new track just perfect to take your mind off those hump-day blues. “Drive Me Wild” starts off nice and slow with simple harmonica melody and eases in to a wonderfully catchy song with a truly delightful chorus hook.

Recording this song was fun and easy, the dynamics of the song instrumentally are directly parallel to the feeling of the melody, lyrics, and chords. We approached the production of this song in a very natural way and didn’t force anything, we let the musicians and singers create the sound. The chorus is an exception to that, if I remember correctly we were using the production of Jeff Lynne’s produced “Full Moon Fever”, by Tom Petty, as inspiration. – Dash Hutton

Give the song a listen below, and if you’re anything like me it’ll be on repeat for a little while.

(Photo Credit: Travis Schneider)

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