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The Megaphonic Thrift – Interlopers


Norwegian four-piece The Megaphonic Thrift – which, come on, is just an incredible band name – will be releasing their new album Sun Stare Sound later this week, April 7th via Old Flame Records to be exact. They have graced us with another new track off the album to hold us over; check out “Interlopers” below.

The band has received critical acclaim back home, winning a Spellman Award in 2015 (think Norwegian Grammys), and are preparing Sun Stare Sound for all of our enjoyment in just a few more days.

We wanted to make a song that sounded kind of happy and playful… It might feel like that musically, but the lyrics reveals a darker and kind of trippy side to it, like hanging up side down in a ride in an amusement park. Scared and happy at the same time. – The Megaphonic Thrift

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