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The Rocket Summer – Same Air

While it’s been a few years since we last heard some new music from Texas native Bryce Avary — better known as The Rocket Summer — that’s all about to change. Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Avary has just released the first track off his upcoming album – following a successful PledgeMusic campaign.

The song, “Same Air”, is a bit of a departure sonically from 2012’s, Life Will Write The Words, but still evokes all the emotion and exuberance we’ve come to know and love. Check it out below and see for yourself.

While we typically don’t include editorial content in posts about new music, I’m compelled to break my own rules in this case. Avary’s music has been a great influence of mine for more than a decade, and — as we’re only a year apart in age — I’ve always felt tuned-in to the evolution of Avary’s musical language as my own sense of self has evolved over time, and this new direction is no exception.

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