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#throwbackthursday :: Green Day – “Longview”

This week’s #throwbackthursday goes out to the band that changed my life and opened my eyes to the world of punk/pop-punk: Green Day. I can still remember the first time I saw the video for “Longview” and was instantly intrigued. I then became obsessed with the band and everything the were involved with, including their former record label, the bands they toured with, the bands they wore the shirts of, etc.. It was thanks to them that I realized there was more out there than the top pop videos I was used to seeing all over MTV (because when I was a kid MTV actually played music videos).

Here we are, decades later, and Green Day have just been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. For many of us this is a well deserved honor that we are glad to see Green Day presented with. My one request today is that if you are not familiar with Green Day and their music, check out the video above and check out a “best of” playlist. A lot of the bands you listen to today would not have as big of a reach if it wasn’t for Green Day breaking through the mainstream. Thank you Green Day, you helped make my life more awesome <3

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