Emo At Heart Podcast #10 – Michael McCarron (Punk Out)

The Emo At Heart Podcast, Episode #10: Michael McCarron of Punk Out

In today’s episode I talk to Michael McCarron, founder of Punk Out, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and connecting LGBTQ+ musicians and their fans through the music that moves them. I first interviewed Michael about two years ago, back in the very early days of Punk Out, and we talk about how the organization has grown and changed in that time. We also spend quite a bit of time talking about this year’s presidential election and how politics affects the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and some of the more pressing public health issues affecting the community at large. I also highly urge you to read Punk Out’s Facebook post from earlier this week calling on music publications to provide a bigger, permanent platform for LBGTQ+ artists and musicians. This has never been a question for me since day one of starting Emo At Heart, and I look forward to working with Punk Out more to solidify those goals.


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