Emo At Heart Podcast #2: Juliet Simms

The Emo At Heart Podcast, Episode #2; Juliet Simms.

In this episode I talk to Juliet Simms about her music career, her past crowdfunding success, and how that led to the creation of her new EP, From The Grave. We also talk about one of the EP’s tracks, “Frances”, named after Frances Bean daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. We also discuss Juliet’s past involvement with the Vans Warped Tour – including the crew being on hand for her wedding – and the workshops she led titled, “Girl Power: Rise Above in the Music Industry and Life”.

The music in today’s episode is “Say Hello”, off of From The Grave, written by Simms, and © 2016, Ju Ju Productions. (Photo courtesy of Reybee, Inc.)


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