Emo At Heart Podcast #6 – Dayna Ghiraldi-Travers (Big Picture Media)

The Emo At Heart Podcast, Episode #6: Dayna Ghiraldi-Travers of Big Picture Media

In this episode I talk to Dayna Ghiraldi-Travers of Big Picture Media (far right, above), a full service PR agency based in New York City. We talk about BPM’s upcoming 10th anniversary, as well as Emo At Heart’s 5th, our early musical discoveries, and a lot of the projects we’ve worked on together over the past few years. There’s also a fair amount of story time in this episodes, from both sides.

This is the first of what will hopefully be a lot more interviews with those people that are traditionally “behind the scenes”, as we hope to bring out more of their stories throughout the run of the Emo At Heart Podcast.


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