Alabaster – The Villain in Me


Female singers are always touch and go with me. A lot of them have the same generic “I know how to sing” type voice that just barely gets them by and they use their looks to make up for the rest and we all go “aww, but she’s adorable so we have to love her…”

Alabaster does not fall into this vocal-lacking category. Lead vocalist Shaina Rae has more to her voice than just the gift of knowing how to carry a tune. It feels like the production on this EP might actually be hiding her full potential and I anticipate that when singing live she is a powerhouse of energy. I would also love to hear an acoustic version of the opening track “Scream It Out” (..if you guys wanna film it, we’d be more than happy to upload it to our youtube and share it with the world). Even though it is a rock song, I can hear a beautiful ballad at its core.

There is an overall feel to this EP that this is a band just waiting to break out and take over the world. Their sound could carry them as an indie band with a strong following or turn into stadium-capacity-selling superstars. I wish there were more than 3 songs on this album to get a better feel for what they can do but at least the tracks provided are solid. Their sound is a pleasant blend of music that could have them fit in with poppier bands like Paramore and Yellowcard but still heavy enough to be out with rock bands like Evanescence or Sevendust, and hop from Warped Tour to Mayhem Fest and receive the same warm welcoming.

A little side note about the band is that they left Chicago to move to Seattle, which seems like a weird re-location to me since the Chicago music scene has produced so many amazing bands. I guess we’ll have to wait it out for an interview with them to find out more about that decision.

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