Along Came a Spider – Resurgence

Coming out of Cleveland, OH, Along Came a Spider are the new guys on Standby Record’s roster. With their sophomore album as their debut release on Standby, Along Came a Spider bring a nerd’s-eye-view to the electronic metalcore genre. Maybe it’s the 8-bit intro, the video game themed song titles, or the chuggy riffs, but I really enjoyed this album.

Resurgence brings not eight, not ten, but fourteen well written songs. Though the band is an electronic metalcore act, their songs do not rely on their programming to exists. There are some slowed down tracks in between their heavier riffs to keep things interesting. The only thing I can really say that needs improvement are the vocals – something just doesn’t sit well with them. They remind me of the backup vocals in later System of a Down albums for some reason. It seems as if sometimes the range can’t quite hit the highs and lows necessary, but sometimes it fits in perfectly. It really varies form song to song. Aside from that, the album is pretty good and is worth at least checking out.

Rob G
Artistic Exhibitionist at Emo At Heart