Breadwinner – …Can’t Win


Having heard Kevin Mahoney sing background vocals in Hit The Lights for the past few years, its pretty rad hearing him take the lead with his new project Breadwinner. I like hearing this softer side to him. The songs are quite adorable and they make me want to listen to songs like “Mass Pike” and “Ann Arbor” by The Get Up Kids.

This EP is perfect listening for when you want to lay back and relax and smile, or doodle about the boy or girl that you like. Breadwinner would be a great addition to the Acoustic Basement stage on Warped Tour (Brian Marquis, make it happen!) or on tour with bands like Dashboard Confessional and Saves The Day. I’d also love to see a collaboration with Jimmie Deeghan (formerly of Every Avenue) happen for a song or two.

I really love that acoustic albums are becoming more and more popular again. I’m also really glad that Kevin stepped forward and took a chance at his own project. I’m really diggin’ the old record player vibe on “Stay”, it reminds me of “Soco Amaretto Lime” from Brand New. …Can’t Win is short and sweet – but a little too short.

Hopefully Kevin gets a good response to the EP and gives us more music to enjoy. Its projects like this that make me wish that Emo At Heart had our own record label (yes Kevin, that means I’d want to sign you lol).

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