Brutality Will Prevail – Scatter The Ashes


Brutality Will Prevail, the hard working boys from South Wales, have released their third album “Scatter The Ashes”. With 10 tracks and 34 odd minutes of emotionally and vitriol filled hardcore, the band easily show why they have gathered a loyal following. Passion for their art and a drive to do the best they can, is clearly evident in their latest release.

The opener “Life Lines” gives you the uneasy feeling of something ominous about to happen and by the time “Sins Of Commitment” blasts through your speakers you’ll hear how a slowed down American Nightmare with a healthy dose of Crowbar’s downtuned and sludgey aural punishment would sound. Vocalist Ajay, who has since left the band and been replaced by Louis Gauthier of Breaking Point, sounds like he has taken vocal lessons from Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg of At The Gates, but fails to deliver the extra punch to make his vocal style his own, especially in “Casket”.

The band has clearly taken the time to create an atmosphere with their records that they want to take the listener through, which may not be a positive journey, but it’s a journey nevertheless. An apt description of BWP could be “downtuned, downbeat and pissed off”.

The track “The Path” has such a disgustingly brilliant groove to it, it conjures images a full dance floor absolutely loving it, don’t believe me? Check out the video for it here:

The album closes with the title track, with vocals from Andrew Fisher of Basement. This dark and brooding song shows how versatile the band are in their writing skills and that they are more than just a band from the valleys that no one should care about.

This is a perfect follow up on from their previous releases, 2010′s “Root Of All Evil” and 2011′s “Sleep Paralysis” EP. If you are a fan of The Hope Conspiracy, American Nightmare or Modern Life Is War, Brutality Will Prevail’s “Scatter The Ashes” is definitely for you.

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