Dangerkids – Collapse


Dangerkids.. holy f*@k! Within seconds of starting up this album, you know this is going to be 37 minutes of awesomeness. Their sound is a perfect mix of multiple genres and instruments.

They may be a new band, formed just last year, but these kids from Ohio sound like pros. Blend We Came As Romans with some Story Of The Year, a dash or two of Linkin Park and add in some fresh new flavors of their own and you have Dangerkids. I’ve been needing something new to listen to and I definitely found what I’ve been looking for. Musically it has that heavyness that you can feel in your chest as the guitars come at you along side of the fierce double bass hits, combined with perfectly placed electronic elements and just the right mix of growls and melodic vocals.

This band has a little of everything that you could possibly want to hear and you will instantly find yourself wanting to sing along and raise your fist in the air. It really is hard to believe these guys (and gal) have only been around since 2012, their sound is perfection to my ears. I can see the band touring with any of the acts listed above, as well as bands like AFI, Silverstein, 3OH!3 and Breathe Carolina just to name a few (some of which the band has toured with already).

“Unmade” definitely caught me offguard when it started up soo peaceful and ballad-like, further proving the talents of this band. The lyrics to this track are soo powerful, with lines like “So go ahead and say what you need to say / Cause those words might have hurt me yesterday / And dig deep in the cuts of my chest / Just to find out that you’ll never get the best of me”.

Dangerkids have a bright future ahead of them, lets just hope that the world is smart enough to embrace their sound and fall in love with them the way I have.

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